Emergency planning

Society is becoming increasingly dependent on IT. This is why it is crucial for telecommunications to function with a high level of security, even if Sweden would be the victim of sabotage, terrorist or armed attacks.

PTS procures measures designed to reduce the vulnerability of the transmission network and the networks and services of important telecoms operators. Emergency measures are planned after prior consultation with the telecom operators, as well as the national armed forces and civil defence.

PTS has procured 1,600 small reserve power generators, as well as 10 mobile GSM base stations for each of the three mobile networkoperators. The authority has also initiated the expansion of the optical fibre networks and acquired nodes for connecting networks.

It has also strengthened the transmission networks of large cities.

PTS has placed telecom exchanges in protected underground bunkers. Protective measures have also been taken against attacks by hackers directed at the telecom operators' control and supervision networks.

Telecom operators are being trained to deal with severe damage to their networks.

Scheduled measures include the creation of a priority management system for GSM and fixed telephony. A project is also under way to analyse and process information about hacker attacks on telecom operators.